Charlotte Kraus, Workaround's Dutch Customer Success Manager

Workaround expands into the Dutch market

Busy days ahead for Workaround since we are expanding rapidly and with high speed forward.

Now, it is about time to put our newest colleague, Charlotte Kraus, in the spotlight. Warmest welcome to team Workaround and as our (very first) Dutch speaking Customer Success Manager!

Charlotte will be working with our Dutch marketplace, where we aim to grow big in the near future. However, her initial focus will be on Amsterdam. Charlotte has had a flying start and we are certain that she will shine in her role, expanding that Dutch marketplace of ours. 

Charlotte - you are now part of the Workaround team! Please tell us what have you been doing up to this day? 

First, thank you, what an honor to be a part of this amazing group! I like it very much so far.

So, I am originally from Germany and moved to the Netherlands at the age of 18 to study Facility Management. Already during my studies, I was very involved in Business and was, among other things, a member of the board of a student association. 

I have worked in Facility Management my entire career and have been extremely successful in serving both small and very large clients. In 2021, I was finally able to emigrate to Sweden, the country of my dreams, and I am enjoying this country daily, ever since.

What are your strengths that can be useful in this Customer Success role?

My strengths definitely include my enormous assertiveness and my determination. I give everything to achieve my goals and I am stress resistant. I score with a lot of experience, persuasiveness and expertise. I am always friendly and want all parties to be happy and satisfied in the end. I know my market really well and can adapt perfectly to it because of my experience.

Do you have a vision/goal with your establishment in the Netherlands? How does the market look so far compared to Sweden?

I definitely have many goals for the Dutch market. First of all, we are currently in the start-up phase but in the very near future we will not only expand our portfolio in the Amsterdam market but also be present in other cities to find the optimal solutions for both our leads and landlords.

A very big difference between the Swedish and Dutch market is certainly the completely different infrastructure of the country and the different arrangement of cities and the settlement of them.

To the last question that blew our mind a bit; you are a professional hunter! Please tell us about that?

Yes, that is true! I am a professional hunting dog +  hunting photographer, and I deliver content to the companies which I cooperate with. My dad was a professional photographer so I guess those skills run in my veins (smiles).

I spend much of my spare time hunting, and I enjoy so much being in nature. I do this either in a team or alone, but my hunting dogs are always by my side. I am passionate about training and breeding hunting dogs and getting them ready for their tests because hunting is only really fun with a perfectly trained hunting dog. 

Overall, I prefer to spend every free minute in nature. It doesn't matter whether I'm stalking through the fields and forests during the day or going out at night to hunt for wild boar.

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