Privacy Policy

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1. Introduction

WorkaroundTown Sverige AB (hereinafter "Workaround", "we" or "us") processes personal data about you when you use our services. By your personal data, we mean the data that directly or indirectly identifies you that we collect and store about you and how you use our services. We use this data to provide our services, give you a better experience and provide offers that suit your needs.

Workaround is the data controller for the processing of your personal data as described in this privacy policy. As data controller, we are responsible for the processing of your personal data and how and for what purposes the processing is done. We will only collect and process personal data in accordance with this privacy policy, the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679), also known as GDPR, and national legislation supplementing the GDPR.

2. The categories of personal data we process

Contact detailsWhen you become a customer/user of Workaround, we collect the personal data you provide: name; email address; phone number.
Personal data contained in notifications of interestWhen you use our service to find suitable premises, we will process: personal data on your needs and requests for premises; information about the party you represent; your budget; personal data in correspondence; and other personal data you choose to provide to us that is relevant to your notification of interest and your use of our service.
Personal data in listings on the serviceWhen you use our service to list premises: information on available premises; contact details; personal data in correspondence; images; video; company name; budget; and other information you choose to provide in the listing.
Personal data of the entity you representTo enable you to use certain parts of our services, we collect: the company name and organization number of the legal entity you represent.
Information in rental agreementsWhen concluding a contract for the rental of premises/offices with a party you have received through Workaround: the content of the contract, including the parties and the agreed remuneration.
Suppliers and partnersWhen entering into agreements with suppliers or other partners: name; contact details; contractual information; correspondence; and other personal data relevant to the specific co-operation.
Information on how to use our serviceWe store data on which of our adverts you show interest in and how you use our service.
Personal data when contacting us or visiting usThe data that visitors or contacts choose to provide to us, such as: name; email address; telephone number; address; and personal data in correspondence.

3. How we collect personal data

We collect and process personal data that:

  • you provide when you become a customer or otherwise interact with us;

  • you provide when you contact us in the form of notes, chat conversations, emails and phone calls;

  • is created when you use our services - for example, when you make an enquiry;

  • we obtain from other sources - such as Syna AB and landlords; or

  • are collected via cookies that collect information on and from your browser.

4. Our processing of personal data

In order to provide our services to you, we need to process your personal data. Below you will find information about what we use your personal data for, and the legal basis for the processing.

Purpose of processingDescriptionLegal basis
Provision of servicesWe process personal data to identify you as a customer and to manage and deliver our services, such as providing user accounts, the ability to advertise and send you information about the service.To enable us to fulfil our contract with you. If the contract is between us and a legal person, the legal basis is instead our legitimate interest.
Administration of notification of interestWe process personal data to manage notifications of interest, to conduct dialogue with interested parties and match suitable tenants and landlords. We also process personal data to follow up on rental agreements, manage invoicing and payment.To enable us to fulfil our contract with you. If the contract is between us and a legal person, the legal basis is instead our legitimate interest.
Communication and supportWe process personal data to provide support, contact you about our services and provide you with assistance when you contact us. We use your contact details and information about the services you use to send you newsletters, offers and information on how to use our services.Our legitimate interest.
Development of our services and marketingTo be able to provide relevant services to you according to your needs, we process personal data about your use of our services.Our legitimate interest.
Security and prevention of abuseWe process personal data in order to provide secure services and to detect and prevent intrusions, virus attacks, fraud and other use of our services that violates the terms or the law.Our legitimate interest.
Suppliers and partnersWe process personal data to purchase goods and services, conclude contracts, administer contractual relationships and cooperate with suppliers and partners.To enable us to fulfill our contract with you. If the contract is between us and a legal person, the legal basis is instead our legitimate interest.
Comply with applicable legislation and regulatory requirementsTo fulfill our obligations under applicable bookkeeping legislation, to carry out reporting to authorities where applicable, and to ensure that the service complies with applicable law.Legal obligation.
Disputes and legal processesTo manage and defend ourselves against legal claims and other disputes and to manage mergers and acquisitions and similar legal processes.Our legitimate interest.

When processing is based on the legal ground of our legitimate interests, Workaround considers that our legitimate interest is based on the fact that our processing is necessary for us to be able to carry out, fulfill, protect and administer our business and provide you with our services, for example to administer notifications of interest. The processing is based on the fact that you have chosen to use our services and receive our assistance in finding customized proposals in a secure and user-friendly manner.

5. Retention of personal data

We keep personal data for as long as we have a purpose for the processing.

For personal data of users: the personal data is stored as long as the user has an active account with us. The personal data will be deleted as soon as possible and at the latest within one (1) month after the user requests the deletion of the personal data. User accounts that have not had any registered activity in the last two (2) years will be deleted together with all related personal data.

For notifications of interest and concluded rental agreements: for 18 months after the conclusion of the agreement.

For personal data relating to support and contact with us: for as long as necessary to assist you.

For delivery of information and marketing about us, our services and to contact you: For as long as we send you such information, unless you object to receiving the information.

Processing required by law: We save personal data needed for accounting purposes for seven years, as required by the Swedish Accounting Act. After that, the data is deleted within one year. For data on disputes and legal processes: for as long as the process is ongoing. The personal data is saved according to this paragraph even if a shorter period is stated above.

6. Sharing of personal data and transfers

If you submit a notification of interest to us, we will share your personal data with the landlord(s) you have chosen and possibly other landlords who have properties suitable for your notification of interest. The receiving landlord(s) act as independent data controllers for their further processing of your personal data. For more information on their personal data processing, please refer to their personal data information, which is usually available on their website.

We may disclose personal data to third parties to the extent necessary to provide our services and to administer our business, or if disclosure is required by applicable law. When transferring personal data, we remain the data controller for our own processing, while the receiving third party becomes either a data controller for its further processing or a data processor to us, depending on the circumstances of the specific case.

We may use data processors to provide services to us, such as support services, hosting and cloud services, accounting services, marketing services and other service providers. In such cases, we will enter into the necessary data processing agreements with the data processor to ensure that the data processor's personal data processing takes place in accordance with our instructions and applicable law. You are welcome to contact us if you want information about which data processors are used.

We endeavor to process your personal data within the EU and EEA. However, in some cases it may be necessary to process your personal data outside the EU and EEA, in which case we will take the necessary steps to ensure that the processing is carried out securely and in accordance with applicable law, for example by entering into the European Commission's standard contractual clauses or using other applicable transfer mechanisms.

We endeavor never to share more personal data than absolutely necessary with the respective partners. We take appropriate safeguards to ensure that your personal data is handled in accordance with applicable laws on security and privacy.

7. How we protect your personal data

We take appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk posed by the personal data we process, including ensuring that personal data is adequately protected against unauthorized access, loss and destruction. The protection is implemented with systematic, organizational and technical measures to ensure integrity, confidentiality and availability.

Workaround staff are bound by confidentiality agreements and only process the information required for their tasks.

8. Your rights as a data subject

The GDPR gives you as a data subject a number of rights regarding the processing of personal data. It is our task to fulfil these rights as a data controller. Your rights are described in this chapter below.

Right of accessYou should be able to know which of your personal data we process. You therefore have the right to obtain confirmation as to whether personal data belonging to you is being processed by us and, if so, to receive a so-called register extract and certain information about the processing. When requesting a register extract, we will ask you to identify yourself in a secure way. With reference to the GDPR, we cannot disclose personal data if it may adversely affect the rights and freedoms of others.
Right of rectificationIf any of the data we process about you is inaccurate or if more data needs to be processed with regard to the purpose for which we process data, you have the right to have such inaccurate data rectified or to complete such additional data as may be necessary for the processing.
Right to erasureYou have the right to have your data that we process deleted in certain cases. If so, please contact us (see below).
Right to restrictionYou have the right to have the processing we do restricted in certain cases. Restriction means that personal data is flagged so that it can only be processed for certain limited purposes. The right to restriction applies, for example, when you believe that personal data is incorrect and you have requested rectification. In such cases, you can also request that the processing of the personal data be restricted while we investigate whether the personal data is correct or not.
Right to data portabilityYou have the right to so-called data portability for the data you have given us in cases where we process the data based on your consent or when we process data to fulfil a contract with you. This means that you have the right to obtain the data that you have given us and that we process about you in a specific format and that you have the right to transfer it to another data controller. The right to portability only applies to the data we process by automated means.
Right to withdraw consentIf we process your personal data based on your consent, you can withdraw your consent at any time. However, please note that we need certain personal data in order to provide our services to you. If you choose to withdraw your consent, we may not be able to provide all our services to you.
Right to objectAs a data subject, you have the right to object to the processing of personal data based on the legal ground of legitimate interest.
Right to lodge a complaintIf you wish to complain about our processing of your personal data, we would like you to contact us at Workaround in the first instance. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority in your country of residence, in Sweden the supervisory authority is the Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten (IMY).

If you wish to exercise any of your rights above, please contact us (see below).

9. Amendments to this policy

If we make changes to this privacy policy, we will publish an updated version on our website,

10. Contact details

For questions about our processing of personal data or to exercise your rights as a data subject, please contact us at the following contact details.

Data controller
WorkaroundTown Sverige AB,
Swedish corporate identity number 559005-9258

Holländargatan 22
113 59 Stockholm

You are also welcome to contact us via the contact details on our website,