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Popular suites in Göteborg

IOFFICE · Kvarnbergsgatan 2 Nordstaden
  • Suite · 200-600 m² Price on request
Convendum · Stampgatan 14 Stampen
  • Suite · 100-1 500 m² Price on request
C/O Workspace · Gustaf Dalénsgatan 32 Hisingen, Lindholmen
  • Suite · 100-500 m² Price on request
C/O Workspace · Idrottsvägen 14a Mölndal
  • Suite · 100-500 m² Price on request


Business facts about Göteborg municipality

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Business climate

The business climate in Göteborg ranks 216th out of 290 municipalities.

Municipal tax

The average municipal tax in Göteborg municipality is 32.60%.


11.70% of Göteborg's population are entrepreneurs.


36.60% of Göteborg's population has a post-secondary education.


4.80% new businesses per 1,000 residents in Göteborg municipality (2019)

Business promotion

Göteborg municipality ranks 280th out of 290 municipalities in terms of municipal politicians' attitudes towards entrepreneurship.


Göteborg municipality ranks 276th out of 290 in terms of service and treatment of businesses.

Competent labour

Göteborg municipality ranks 236th out of 290 in access to competent labour.