Rent out office

We at Workaround can help you if you want to rent out office space or parts of an office. We work from a well-proven process that begins with us, in consultation with you, drafting an ad for your office and ends with contract writing. We only get paid if we actually find a tenant for you. It has actually happened that we have been able to help a landlord rent out an office and get a good tenant within 24 hours. You should not lose money on your premises by letting them stand unoccupied when it is so quick to turn them into revenue with our help.

Different types of premises for more personalised offices

We have experience in mediating many different types of premises. If you have office space or a coworking space with room for new guests, you should know that we are in touch with many companies that are looking for just that. Of course, we also mediate regular offices in all sizes and in most locations. Even you who sit with some special premises, which you think may be difficult to rent out at once, can get help quickly and easily as we can reach just the target group that values what you have to offer. This applies regardless of whether it is low square metre prices in industrial areas or unique spaces in exclusive inner-city locations. Our estate agents have mediated everything!

Important things to consider if you are renting out office space

Renting out office space is not just about quickly entering a contract but about finding a good tenant. The relationship between landlord and tenant often extends over several years, so it is important that it is right from the beginning. Get help from our estate agents when you are renting out office space so you can create the right conditions for a really successful rental.

Create a contract that is based on the Tenancy Act and that will be a protection for all parties at the time of contract writing. It is important to determine what notice period will apply. The length of the notice period can affect the square metre price you can charge. We at Workaround have drafted standard contracts that you are free to use as they are or modify when you are renting out office space.

Inform yourself about what your premises are worth based on the demand on the market in the area where you want to rent out office space. Of course, you can get help from us with making that assessment.

  • We have the most relevant leads

  • We actively match your office solutions with prospective tenants and help you throughout the whole process up until signing

  • We only charge a fee when you get results

Relevant leads

  • Over 15 000 unique visitors every month
  • Over 100 enquiries every week
  • Over 20 companies a week find their new office through Workaround

Support throughout the whole process

  • We help you create an attractive and powerful listing
  • We actively match your office solutions with relevant leads
  • We support throughout the process with advice, viewings and contract negotiations

Workaround Additional Services - Listing Prioritization

Workaround offers our hosts the possibility to boost their listings in a chosen city on against a fixed monthly fee. When prioritizing a listing, the listing will be boosted in search results for the relevant landing pages in the city chosen. The listing will thus be much more visible to prospective tenants in the city in question.

Workaround sees that prioritizing a listing, on avarage, increases the number of listing views by 130% and the number of inquiries by 185% compared to non-prioritized listings.*

The price for prioritizing a listing is 3,500 SEK per month according to an ongoing agreement, that can be terminated with one calendar month's notice period.

Contact if you are interested in prioritizing your listing or have questions about prioritizing listings.

*This average is based on the performance of 25 prioritized listings compared to the performance of the same listings over a period of time when they were not prioritized. Workaround can not guarantee this performance increase.

Pay for results based on a model that suits you

One-time fee at completed deal

10% of yearly rent

Paid once

quarterly fee at completed deal

13% of monthly rent

Paid quarterly up to one year

Further information and conditions regarding office rental can be found in our Terms and Conditions for Hosts .