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München. Foto: Kwan Fung, Unsplash.

Popular desks in München-West

Regus · Theresienhöhe 28 Schwanthalerhöhe, München-West
  • Hot desk fr. €115/desk
  • Fixed desk fr. €377/desk
ecos work spaces · Landsberger Straße 155 Laim, München-West
  • Hot desk €109/desk
  • Fixed desk €319/desk
Regus · Barthstraße 2 Westend, Schwanthalerhöhe
  • Hot desk fr. €115/desk
  • Fixed desk fr. €292/desk
Regus · Landsberger Straße 302 Laim, München-West
  • Hot desk fr. €115/desk
  • Fixed desk fr. €282/desk


Coworking spaces in München-West offer a balanced atmosphere amidst residential and commercial areas. Professionals enjoy modern workspaces within a relaxed environment, promoting productivity and well-being. This district's mix of urban amenities and tranquility provides an ideal setting for focused work.