Rent out office suite

Do you have an office space you want to rent out in the first or second hand, or transfer? Rented premises cost money instead of providing income, and the demand for office space is great today. So you should not wait to rent an office space, but take action immediately.

Rent out a space using Workaround

Looking for new tenants for a local can be resource-intensive. We at Workaround can solve it all for you in a quick and effective way where we help with everything from designing ads to follow-up of visits and contract writing. An important part of renting a local is to draw up a contract that protects your interests. We have drawn up standard contracts that we know work from experience.

We often come to the conclusion within a few days after you contact us with a request to rent an office space because we have a large database of companies looking for premises right now. Our local brokers can help you rent an office space whether it is an workplace for one person or if you have office space that fits a larger company.

If you generalize, it is of course easier to rent an office space in an attractive location than to find tenants for premises further away from the city center. This may also apply when you want to rent an office space that has qualities that attract a very specific target group. If you have a unique object, you have much to gain by taking help from Workaround because we probably already have potential customers in our network.

Tips for those who want to rent office space

Find out what your premises are worth on the market and ask your local estate agent how long it usually takes to rent out, taking the location into account. This will make it easier for you to balance your expectations and set a reasonable price per square metre when renting out an office space.

You can often create more workplaces by adapting the premises, which will in turn give you greater income. Many property owners are now investing in lounges, coworking spaces and serviced offices rather than traditional office space. If you work with us at Workaround, you can have more tenants and shorter notice periods without increasing your workload.

It is important to be able to rent out an office space quickly, but it is also an advantage to find tenants with a business that suits the property in question and with whom you as a landlord can have an uncomplicated relationship. When you hire us at Workaround, you have great opportunities to find really good tenants.

  • We have the most relevant leads

  • We actively match your office solutions with prospective tenants and help you throughout the whole process up until signing

  • We only charge a fee when you get results

Relevant leads

  • Over 15.000 unique visitors every month
  • Over 100 enquiries every week
  • Over 20 companies a week find their new office through Workaround

Support throughout the whole process

  • We help you create an attractive and powerful listing
  • We actively match your office solutions with relevant leads
  • We support throughout the process with advice, viewings and contract negotiations

Workaround boost – Prioritization of listings in Germany

Workaround offers our hosts the possibility to boost their listings in a chosen city on against a fixed monthly fee. When prioritizing a listing, the listing will be boosted in search results for the relevant landing pages in the city chosen. The listing will thus be much more visible to prospective tenants in the city in question.

Workaround see that prioritized listings overall on average get 140% more page views per month and 60% more applications per month than non-prioritized listings.*

The fee to prioritize a listing is 300 EUR per month. The contract is running with 30 days notice period from the nearest month end after cancellation.

Contact if you are interested in prioritizing one or several listings or have questions regarding the prioritization of listings.

*This average is based on the performance of 12 specific listings in Berlin that over the course of 12 months have been both prioritized and de-prioritized. These numbers are averages and Workaround cannot guarantee the same performance increase.

Pay for results based on a model that suits you

One-time fee at completed deal

10% of yearly rent

Paid once

quarterly fee at completed deal

12,5% of monthly rent

Paid quarterly up to one year

Further information and conditions regarding office rental can be found in our Terms and Conditions for Hosts .