Become a host with Workaround

Do you need to rent out or transfer your space? Workaround makes it easy to reach companies looking for a new office, and will guide you to a succesful leasing or transfer. We match your space with hundreds of companies, so you can avoid the cost of unused areas. Get started with your leasing today!

  • We have the most relevant leads

  • We actively match your office solutions with prospective tenants and help you throughout the whole process up until signing

  • We only charge a fee when you get results

Relevant leads

  • Over 15.000 unique visitors every month
  • Over 100 enquiries every week
  • Over 20 companies a week find their new office through Workaround

Support throughout the whole process

  • We help you create an attractive and powerful listing
  • We actively match your office solutions with relevant leads
  • We support throughout the process with advice, viewings and contract negotiations

Workaround boost – Prioritization of listings in Germany

Workaround offers our hosts the possibility to boost their listings in a chosen city on against a fixed monthly fee. When prioritizing a listing, the listing will be boosted in search results for the relevant landing pages in the city chosen. The listing will thus be much more visible to prospective tenants in the city in question.

Workaround see that prioritized listings overall on average get 140% more page views per month and 60% more applications per month than non-prioritized listings.*

The fee to prioritize a listing is 300 EUR per month. The contract is running with 30 days notice period from the nearest month end after cancellation.

Contact if you are interested in prioritizing one or several listings or have questions regarding the prioritization of listings.

*This average is based on the performance of 12 specific listings in Berlin that over the course of 12 months have been both prioritized and de-prioritized. These numbers are averages and Workaround cannot guarantee the same performance increase.

Pay for results based on a model that suits you

One-time fee at completed deal

10% of yearly rent

Paid once

quarterly fee at completed deal

12,5% of monthly rent

Paid quarterly up to one year

Further information and conditions regarding office rental can be found in our Terms and Conditions for Hosts .