Djäkne Coworking

  • Flexibel kontorsplats

    25 platser tillgängliga
    SEK 1,990 per Plats/Månad (exkl. moms)
    Flexibel plats ger dig tillgång till en ledig plats för dagen, medan fast plats ger dig tillgång till en specifik plats.

    Ingår i hyran

    • Telefonbås
    • Möblerat
    • Bemannad reception
    • Wi-fi
    • Låsbart skåp
    • Kaffe
    • Företagsadress
    • Kopiator/scanner
    • Lounge
    • Skrivare
    • Städning


Hyr en flexibel arbetsplats inkl. wifi, frukost och obegränsat med finkaffe från Djäkne Kaffebar. We are located in the centre of Malmö (5 min from the central station) and is well-known as a place where the owners successfully started and built lots of companies and still continues doing so today. At Djäkne Coffeebar, which is part of our Startup Studio, we have great baristas serving high-quality coffee. Since we worked with startups for many years we met lots of programmers, designers and freelancers that were searching for a flexible workplace in a great environment where they could work, meet others and drink good coffee. That’s when we started Djäkne Co-working. Today a big part of the first and second floor at Djäkne is fully dedicated to our co-working members. We created a unique concept where we offer a flexible workspace in the middle of a startup setting with unlimited access to our premium coffee drinks. Möblerat|Wifi|Telefonbås|Låsbart skåp|Bemannad reception|Kaffe|Företagsadress|Kopiator/scanner|Lounge|Skrivare|Städning