Terms and Conditions

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  • Users of Workaround include landlords, tenants and tenants via companies.
  • Landlords are private individuals, companies or other organisations who rent out office sites, office rooms or office premises through Workaround.
  • Tenants include private individuals, companies or other organisations who rent one or more office properties, office rooms or office premises through Workaround.
  • A tenant via a company is either an authorised company signatory or an agent who, by agreement, is authorised to enter into agreements on behalf of the company.
  • Length of rental is the time specified in the rental agreement between a tenant and landlord.


As a user, you understand and accept that you are responsible for complying with any laws, regulations, ordinances and tax obligations that apply to the use of Workaround. In connection with using the website and therewith associated content, you accept the fact that you will not:

  1. Use the services for commercial or other purposes not expressly permitted under our terms and conditions.
  2. Copy, store or in any other way secure access to the information contained on Workaround’s site for purposes not expressly permitted by our terms and conditions.
  3. Use emails and chat features for undesirable commercial emails (spam) or advertising which is unrelated to the rental of workplaces or work premises.
  4. Systematically collect data or other content from our site for the purposes of creating or compiling a database, catalogue or similar regardless of the purpose.
  5. Manipulate or use non-public areas of Workaround’s website or the Workaround delivery system.
  6. Contact landlords through Workaround if you are a real estate agent or have a commission-based assignment with regard to renters or landlords as well as transfers. Note that Workaround already has brokerage assignments for the properties published on workaround.io. If you have a prospect for a specific property, please contact Workaround directly.

It is the responsibility of WorkaroundTown Sverige AB to temporarily or permanently shut off individual users from the service without further explanation. Examples of behaviour that can constitute grounds for this include a breach of any of the points in our user agreement or repeated failure to respond to communications with Workaround or between a tenant and landlord.

About Workaround’s responsibility

  1. Workaround supplies a brokering service for the rental and booking of vacant premises. The service is based on information in the form of text and images - about users, meeting rooms, conference premises and office sites supplied by Workaround through its landlords and tenants.
  2. Tenants and landlords via Workaround’s platform are responsible for all material displayed as well as prices and property availability. It is prohibited to link or refer to external websites in advertising texts or other user-generated content on Workaround’s website.
  3. Workaround has a policy of always examining all material posted on the site. Workaround retains the right to withhold approval of material or to edit/change information that a landlord posts on the service.
  4. Workaround does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to the service or that all information is always correct and complete. Workaround cannot be held responsible for any errors that may arise as a result of, for example, typos, technical interruptions or missing information.
  5. Workaround cannot be held responsible for damages that are directly or indirectly caused by the use of the service and its content, such as damages arising as the result of omitted or delayed responses to booking confirmations or incorrect information printed in meeting confirmations.
  6. Workaround cannot be held responsible for damages that occur in the premises and on windows, display windows, doors or portals which are part of the premises or which are in direct connection to the premises. This applies regardless of who or what caused the damage.
  7. Workaround does not supply any type of protection for property or premises against loss or damages arising due from theft or damage caused by a tenant. Each landlord and tenant is responsible for providing their own insurance coverage.
  8. Workaround conducts regular checks of landlords or tenants. Still, it is ultimately the responsibility of each tenant and landlord to determine if they wish to enter into a rental agreement with each other.
  9. Landlord and tenant enter into a direct agreement with each other on rental of premises through the Workaround platform. This applies both to short-term rentals (per hour/day) and long-term rental of office space, office rooms and office premises.

Notification of interest

When users at Workaround choose to send in a notification of interest to a landlord via workaround.io, the user (in this case the tenant) agrees that Workaround will exclusively represent the user against the landlord's office/office facility(s) for a period of 30 days. This applies in cases where the landlord does not get back to Workaround within 48 hours and informs that they are already in contact with the user through other channels and/or other brokers of office premises.

If the user does not contact Workaround and in writing expresses a desire to be represented by another broker of office premises, Workaround will continue to represent the user towards the landlord's specific office/office facility(s) in accordance with section 7 in our Terms & Conditions for hosts. The use of workaround.io and Workaround’s services are free of charge for the user searching for office space.