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  • Users of Workaround include landlords, tenants and tenants via companies.
  • Landlords are private individuals, companies or other organisations who rent out office sites, office rooms or office premises through Workaround.
  • Tenants include private individuals, companies or other organisations who rent one or more office properties, office rooms or office premises through Workaround.
  • A tenant via a company is either an authorised company signatory or an agent who, by agreement, is authorised to enter into agreements on behalf of the company.
  • Length of rental is the time specified in the rental agreement between a tenant and landlord.


Special landlord terms and conditions are those terms and conditions and regulations that govern the usage of for landlords. By using the website, you approve of and accept these terms and conditions and rules. If you do not accept the terms and conditions and rules in this agreement, we kindly ask that you stop using this service.

Workaround has the right, at any given time, to change the terms and conditions in these landlord terms and conditions. As an active landlord, you are obliged to comply with the landlord terms and conditions in effect at the time of the publication of advertisements. You are responsible for and also undertake to keep yourself informed of the content in the general terms and conditions applicable at any given time.

Workaround strives to provide a quality service for anyone looking for a new office. It must be simple and easy to find a suitable office with a reliable landlord. For this reason, Workaround imposes a number of requirements on you as a landlord subject to the terms and conditions as set out below. Note that landlord also refers to the person who advertises offices on Workaround in cases where an agency leads to the transfer of a rental contract.


  1. The landlord undertakes to offer tenants who have contacted the landlord via Workaround rent at a rate as advertised through the platform.
  2. The landlord may not use misleading price information or submit any listing citing a price at which the landlord does not intend to rent out the property.
  3. The landlord guarantees that the premises in question correspond to the specifications and the standard as depicted in the images and text in the advertisement and which otherwise could be expected from these particular premises.
  4. The landlord is responsible for ensuring that the information on price, content, and availability is updated and relevant based on the current offer.
  5. A published advertisement is guaranteed to be posted on the Workaround website for at least one calendar month. It is incumbent upon Workaround to remove the advertisement if no feedback is received from the landlord after the expiration of that time.
  6. The landlord may not post the same premises or workplaces for rent in several advertisements on the Workaround website.
  7. The landlord must ensure that office premises that are rented out are no longer available on the Workaround platform.
  8. The landlord undertakes to notify Workaround promptly of any changes in the design, price, content, and availability of the advertised premises.

Dissemination of advertising

Workaround has the right to disseminate the landlord’s advertisement, or parts of the landlord’s advertisement, in a third party’s marketing channels to maximise the dissemination of the advertisement or to promote Workaround. This right applies even after the agreement between the landlord and Workaround has terminated. Examples of marketing through a third party include, but not exclusively, the dissemination via Workaround’s account on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

The dissemination of the landlord’s advertisements in accordance with this clause may not give the landlord a right to compensation.

Images and videos

Images and videos must be relevant to the office solutions you are advertising and may not contain other text, company names, logos, URLs or other graphics that can be interpreted to be general corporate marketing. Neither is it permitted to systematically use frames or other graphic elements in advertising images which causes the ad to be highlighted at the expense of other ads in the listing view.

It is not permitted to use images and video films from other ads without the advertiser’s consent. These may be copy-protected under copyright law.

Checks and assessment of advertisements

Workaround reserves the right to check all advertisements and to refuse or remove an ad if it violates Workaround’s landlord terms and conditions, general terms and conditions, third party copyright law, other legal regulations or Workaround principles and spirit. Workaround reserves the right to remove/change ad copy if the copy violates advertising rules.

Checks will be conducted randomly or for a specific purpose on an ongoing basis, such as to verify a user’s identity. Anyone who refuses to be subjected to such an assessment runs the risk of being denied use of the service.

Treating expressions of interest

The landlord reserves the right to answer questions submitted by interested parties. The landlord understands that passing on interested parties to another landlord or office broker via Workaround’s platform will result in permanent suspension from the service.

Agreement with tenant

The landlord undertakes to provide the correct agreements for the rental of the office space which the landlord advertises. The landlord can also use Workaround’s standard rental agreement.

The landlord enters into a direct agreement with the tenant when a property is brokered via Workaround’s platform. Workaround only acts as a broker and cannot be held responsible for anything in the rental agreement between the tenant and landlord.

Feedback to Workaround

The landlord undertakes to notify Workaround after a tenant has signed an agreement with the landlord. Workaround conducts regular checks of questions submitted to landlords in collaboration with a suitable address registry service. Email this information to or the broker responsible at Workaround.

The landlord understands that failure to notify Workaround of agreements entered into with tenants or failure to provide information to Workaround about the content of agreements entered into, as well as supplying misleading or incomplete information regarding the content of the landlord’s agreements with potential tenants, will lead to immediate suspension from the service.

The landlord shall, within 24 hours of receipt of applications of interest, notify Workaround if they have already been in contact with the company seeking an office. If this is not done, any commission shall be paid to Workaround unless otherwise agreed upon. For a period of up to six months from the arrival of an application of interest, Workaround is entitled to a commission related to a signed agreement.

Method of payment and invoicing

Workaround has two different methods of payment depending on the landlord’s offer.

  1. Payment per applicant
    • For the “office spaces” product, which relates to lounge membership, membership without access to an “own” room, flexible office space or fixed office space, a fee is paid upon contact with an interested applicant where the applicant indicates interest in the landlord’s office spaces through Workaround. The fee is 10% of the value of one month’s rent for the office space. If an interested applicant indicates interest in two or more office spaces, the commission is still calculated only on the value of the monthly rent for one office space.
  2. Brokerage fee
    • For the “office room” and “office premises” products, Workaround charges a service fee when a landlord enters into an agreement with a tenant that is brokered through the service. The brokerage fee for Workaround is 10% of the annual rent the landlord charges the tenant, or 12.5% of the ongoing monthly rent (see option 2 below). Total annual rent is the monthly amount the tenant pays to the landlord x 12, including any membership fee (not including VAT).

In the case of a brokerage fee, the landlord can choose to pay in two ways:

  1. Direct payment
    • A one-time payment to Workaround of 10% of one year’s rent (excluding discounts) at the time the tenant signs the contract.
  2. Ongoing payment during the rental period, for a maximum of 12 months
    • In the case of the ongoing payment model, 12.5% of a monthly rental (excluding discounts) is invoiced on an ongoing basis as long as the tenant uses the premises but up to a maximum of one year.
    • In the case of an ongoing payment model, invoices are sent on a quarterly basis in advance in conjunction with the arrival of the tenant on the premises. The minimum amount for a brokerage fee is thus 3/12th of a one year’s rent. Invoicing is halted when the landlord notifies Workaround that the tenant has vacated the premises. If the tenant has already moved out and the landlord fails to notify Workaround, invoicing is ceased on the day Workaround receives the information of the move-out.

In the case that a transaction is brokered via Workaournd but for another office that the landlord also owns or has authority over, Workaround is entitled to charge a service fee for this transaction.

The landlord is obliged to produce a copy of the signed agreement to verify the rental fee amount that is the basis for the service fee. This is only used for the purposes of confirming Workaround’s brokerage fee.

If, during the first 12 months, the tenant upgrades to a larger office or several memberships with you as landlord, Workaround is entitled to a commission corresponding to the rental for the extra rooms/memberships the tenant expands to. The fee is regulated according to what the tenant pays in rent to you as a landlord during the first 12 months.

  • If you as a landlord chose the direct payment option of 10% of one year’s rent when the deal with the tenant was brokered, Workaround is entitled to 5% extra commission based on the rent of the expansion during the first 12 months.
  • If you as a landlord choose the ongoing quarterly payment option of 12.5% of the monthly rent when the deal with the tenant is brokered, Workaround is entitled to a 12.5% extra commission based on the rent of the expansion during the first 12 months.


In the case of the transfer of a rental contract to a tenant, which is brokered through Workaround, you pay, as an advertiser, a commission that corresponds to 10% of a single year’s rent. In the case of a transfer, Workaround’s ongoing payment option is not available.

In the event that a transfer takes place after the commencement of an ongoing payment schedule, the advertiser can choose to pay 10% of a single year’s rent to terminate payments to Workaround. In that case, any service fees paid for the brokerage services will be deducted from 10% of a single year’s rent.


Should the tenant choose to terminate the contract before the 12-month period has expired, Workaround will extract the entire quarterly fee already paid (in case of ongoing payment model) for the quarter in which the landlord has notified Workaround the termination/move-out will take place. See the section, Payment method and invoicing.

Regardless of whether the tenant moves out within 3 months, the landlord is invoiced for the first quarter.

To terminate ongoing payments, it is the advertiser’s responsibility to present written notice of termination from the tenant in question, for example, by sending or cc an email to the tenant confirming the termination or attaching a termination agreement.

In order for ongoing invoicing to be terminated, you must email the above information to the following email address:

It is incumbent on the landlord to notify Workaround of the termination without delay. Workaround never refunds paid or outstanding commission fees in those cases where a landlord subsequently announces that a tenant has terminated his contract.

Workaround stores personal data, which we may process in connection with the landlord’s advertising in compliance with the new Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We comply with the regulations which, in accordance with the Personal Data Act (PuL), are intended to protect the user’s privacy.

Limitation of liability

Workaround cannot be held responsible if the website service goes down or if some information or functionality does not work as expected. Neither can Workaround be held responsible for any problems or damages which the listed landlords or tenants could conceivably cause.

Workaround cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss that occurs as a result of an agreement entered into with a tenant who used the Workaround service to find an office.

Workaround is not responsible for links from the website to external websites or for the content or functionality of the external websites.