Terms and Conditions for Hosts

This document was updated . (The latest updates relate to the sections “Payment model and billing” and “Termination”).


  • Users of Workaround are Hosts, Tenants and Tenants by Proxy.
  • A Host is a private individual, company or other organisation that rents out office space (desks, offices or office premises) via Workaround.
  • A Tenant / Prospective Tenant is a private individual, company or other organisation that rents one or more office spaces (desks, offices or office premises) via Workaround.
  • A Tenant by Proxy is either an authorised signatory or an agent who, by way of agreement, has power of attorney to enter into an agreement on behalf of a company or organisation.
  • The Rental Period is the period covered by the rental agreement between the Tenant and the Host.


These Terms and Conditions for Hosts set out the specific terms and rules that govern the use of workaround.io by Hosts. By using the online service workaround.io, you approve and accept these terms and rules. If you do not approve the terms and rules set out in this agreement, please do not continue using this service.

Workaround reserves the right to amend the content of these Terms and Conditions for Hosts at any time. As an active Host, you are obligated to comply with these Terms and Conditions for Hosts in relation to the publication of advertisements. You are responsible for and undertake to stay up to date regarding the content of Workaround’s current General Terms of Use.

Workaround strives to provide a qualitative service for individuals, companies and organisations in search of new office space – it should be easy and convenient to find good office space provided by reliable Hosts. Consequently, Workaround imposes a number of requirements on you as a Host, in accordance with the terms and rules set out below. Please note that, in this context, the term “Host” also includes any party that advertises office space on Workaround in situations where the brokerage of a contact leads to the assignment of a lease agreement.


  1. The Host undertakes to offer Tenants who have contacted the Host via Workaround the opportunity to rent the office space in question at the price that has been advertised on the platform.
  2. The Host may not use misleading price information or submit any listings with a price which the Host does not intend to honour when renting out the office space in question.
  3. The Host guarantees that the office space in question corresponds to the specifications and the standard represented in the advertisement’s images and texts, and the condition and standard that can otherwise be expected of premises of this nature.
  4. The Host is responsible for ensuring that the information regarding prices, content and availability is up to date and relevant based on the offer made.
  5. A published advertisement is guaranteed publication on Workaround’s website for at least one calendar month. Workaround reserves the right to remove the advertisement if no feedback is received from the Host after this period.
  6. The Host may not advertise the same office space (premises, office or desk) in several different advertisements on Workaround’s platform.
  7. The Host must ensure that any office space that has been rented out or let is no longer listed as available via Workaround’s platform.
  8. The Host undertakes to provide prompt notification to Workaround of any changes to the design, price, content or availability of the advertised office space.

Dissemination of advertising

Workaround has the right to disseminate the Host’s advertisement, or parts thereof, via third party marketing channels in order to maximise the reach of the advertisement or to market Workaround and its service. This right continues to apply after cessation of the contractual relationship between the Host and Workaround. Examples of marketing via third party channels include, but are not limited to, dissemination via Workaround’s Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.

Under no circumstances can dissemination of the Host’s advertisement pursuant to this clause result in an entitlement to compensation for the Host.

Images and videos

Images and videos must be relevant in relation to the office space you are advertising and may not contain texts, company names, logos, URLs or other graphic elements which could be interpreted as general business marketing. In addition, it is not permitted to systematically use frames or other graphic effects in the advertisement’s image(s) in a manner that highlights or accentuates the advertisement at the expense of other advertisements in the listings section of the website.

It is not permitted to take/use images and videos from other advertisements without the advertiser’s prior consent, as these may be protected under copyright law.

Review and checking of advertisements

Workaround reserves the right to review all advertisements and to reject an advertisement if it is found to be in violation of Workaround’s Terms and Conditions for Hosts or General Terms of Use, a third party’s copyright, other legal rules and regulations or Workaround’s principles and ethics. Workaround reserves the right to delete/change text in an advertisement if the text is found to be in violation of advertising rules.

Random checks, or checks prompted by a complaint or report, are carried out on an ongoing basis, for example to verify the identity of a User. Any User who chooses not to participate in such a check runs the risk of being suspended from using the service.

Handling of enquiries

The Host undertakes to reply to all enquiries received from Prospective Tenants. The Host understands that the referral of Prospective Tenants via Workaround’s platform to another landlord or broker of office space will result in permanent suspension from the service.

During a period of 30 days from the date on which a Prospective Tenant has been presented to a Host through an enquiry via workaround.io or through a broker on workaround.io, the Prospective Tenant is represented exclusively by Workaround and not by any other operator or broker of office space in relation to the landlord that represents the office space in which the Prospective Tenant has indicated an interest through Workaround. This applies in situations where the Host has not already been in contact with the Prospective Tenant regarding this specific enquiry through the Host’s own channels or through another broker of office space.

If, after the aforementioned period of 30 days’ exclusivity, the Prospective Tenant does not explicitly choose to be represented by another broker of office space in relation to the Host’s specific office space, Workaround is always entitled to a service fee when the Prospective Tenant signs an agreement with the Host within 90 days of the date of the latest contact/dialogue between the Prospective Tenant and Workaround or, alternatively, between the Prospective Tenant and the Host, regarding the specific office space.

Agreement with the Tenant

The Host undertakes to provide a correct agreement for rental of the office space advertised by the Host. Alternatively, the Host may use Workaround’s standard rental agreement.

The Host enters into a direct agreement with the Tenant when office space is brokered via Workaround’s platform. Workaround acts solely as an intermediary and cannot be held responsible or liable for any aspect of the rental relationship that arises between the Tenant and the Host.

Feedback to Workaround

The Host undertakes to notify Workaround after a Tenant has signed an agreement with the Host. Workaround carries out regular checks of enquiries received by Hosts in collaboration with an applicable registered address service. Please send this information via email to info@workaround.io or to the responsible broker/account manager at Workaround.

The Host understands that failure to notify Workaround of agreements entered into with Tenants and/or failure to provide information to Workaround about the content of agreements that have been entered into, as well as the provision of misleading or incomplete information regarding the content of the Host’s agreements with Prospective Tenants, will lead to immediate suspension from the service.

The Host must notify Workaround within 48 hours of the receipt of an enquiry if the Host has already been in contact with the individual, company or organisation that is looking for office space. A service fee is payable to Workaround if such notification is not provided on time and no other agreement has been reached.

Payment model and billing

Workaround charges a service fee when a Host enters into an agreement with a Tenant that has been brokered via Workaround. Workaround’s service fee is 10% or 12.5% of the annual rent charged by the Host to the Tenant. In this context, the term “annual rent” refers to the sum of the monthly amounts paid by the Tenant to the Host during the first twelve months of the agreement, including any membership fees (excluding VAT).

Please note: Prospective Tenants do not pay anything to use the service.

The Host may choose to pay the service fee in one of two different ways:

  1. Direct payment
    • A one-time payment to Workaround of 10% of the annual rent in connection with the signing of the agreement by the Tenant.
  2. Regular payments during the Rental Period, although max. 12 months
    • Under the regular payment model, 12.5% of the monthly rent is billed on an ongoing basis as long as the Tenant remains in place – although only up to a maximum of one year.
    • Under the regular payment model, billing occurs in advance on a quarterly basis in connection with the Tenant taking possession of the office space. The minimum amount billed per brokered rental agreement is thus 3/12 of the annual rent. Billing ceases on the date the Tenant vacates the office space if this occurs within twelve months. The Host must notify Workaround of the Tenant’s decision to vacate the office space in advance, or at least no later than the same day on which the Tenant actually vacates the office space. If the Tenant has already vacated the office space and the Host has failed to notify Workaround in accordance with the above, billing ceases on the date on which the information regarding the Tenant’s vacation of the office space is received by Workaround.
    • The Host is obligated to provide a copy of the signed agreement with the Tenant in order to verify the rent amount that forms the basis for Workaround’s service fee. This is used for the purpose of confirming Workaround’s initial service fee. This service fee may change during the first 12 months following the date of the Host’s agreement with the Tenant if the Tenant’s monthly rent is increased or reduced as a result of an upgrade or downgrade (please see below).
    • If, during the first 12 months, the Tenant upgrades/downgrades to larger/smaller office space and/or more/less memberships with you as the Host, Workaround’s service fee will be adjusted in line with the total annual rent. In other words, the service fee is regulated on the basis of the amount of rent paid by the Tenant to you as the Host during the first 12 months. The Host is obligated to inform Workaround if the rental relationship changes according to the above during the first twelve months. This is necessary in order for Workaround to be able to charge the correct service fee.

If a rental agreement is brokered via Workaround but relates to other office space which the Host also owns or represents, Workaround is entitled to charge a service fee for this brokerage service.

Assignment of lease agreement to Tenant

If a lease agreement is assigned to a Tenant that has been brokered via Workaround, you as the advertiser must pay a service fee equivalent to 10% of the annual rent. When a lease agreement is assigned to a Tenant, it is not possible to choose Workaround’s regular payment model.

If the assignment of a lease agreement occurs after the regular payment model has already commenced, the advertiser can choose to pay 10% of the annual rent in order to complete the final payment to Workaround. In such circumstances, any service fees already paid for the brokerage service will be deducted from the amount payable, i.e. from the amount equating to 10% of the annual rent.


In order to terminate the regular payment model as of the date on which the Tenant vacates the office space (if this occurs within twelve months of the date of possession), the advertiser is obligated to provide a copy of the written notice of termination from the Tenant in question, for example by forwarding a copy of the email in which the Tenant confirms the termination, or by attaching a copy of a termination agreement. Please see the section Payment model and billing.

In order to terminate an ongoing regular payment model, you must send the above information via email to: ekonomi_wa@workaround.io.

It is the Host’s obligation to provide Workaround with prompt notification of the termination of a rental agreement. Workaround is never liable to repay any paid or outstanding service fees if a Host only provides notification of the termination of an agreement by a Tenant AFTER the date of such termination.

Workaround stores personal data which may be processed by Workaround in connection with advertising by the Host. All processing of personal data takes place in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We comply with the rules set out in the Swedish Personal Data Act regarding the safeguarding of the User’s privacy.

Limitation of liability

Under no circumstances can Workaround be held liable if the online service experiences downtime or if some information or functionality does not work or function as expected. Furthermore, Workaround cannot be held liable for any problems, losses or damages which may be caused by listed Hosts or Tenants.

Furthermore, Workaround cannot be held liable for any damage or loss that has arisen on account of an agreement entered into with any Tenant that has used the service provided by Workaround in order to find office space.

Workaround is not responsible for links from the website to external websites or for the content or functionality of external websites.